Hello everyone

I started this web site in 2001. Since then it has gone through so many clean ups & revamps

So here I am again, doing another spring clean & revamp

I find that I am just putting in information just to upload the site as fast as possible. This time it is going to be different. I shall take my time & try & make a site that it pleasing to the eye & has some interesting information for you, the visitor

If you sign my guest book, I would like to know that you have really looked at my site. I will visit sites that have signed my guest book. I will not only visit you. I will really take a look around your site & will leave a message in your guest book commenting on what I have enjoyed. I find that guests sign guest books so that they can have a return visit & an addition to their own guest book. This does not make sense to me. We have worked hard to make a site for all to enjoy. Besides the fact that we enjoy creating it, I am sure that we would all like our guests to take some time to see what we have to share. So you can be sure that if I visit your site, I will really look around & take the time to enjoy it

So, until I have some more & we meet again, I shall be doing a lot of furnishing here. Meanwhile, I will be visiting other sites & expressing my honest enjoyment of them

Till later!

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